2 Teen Books I Enjoyed Reading

I've recently read two books which are for teens and I thoroughly enjoyed them; they were great easy-going and loveable reads.
2 Teen Books I Enjoyed Reading
If you know me you will know that I absolutely love the Frozen films. I am obsessed with them! So when I saw Jen had a book - a twisted tale - I just had to get it and give it a read. This book relates to the first Frozen film and throughout the book, there are multiple flashbacks to the film with slightly different circumstances. The story follows Elsa, the queen, trying to unearth her childhood as it had been erased from her memory. Whilst Anna works in a bakery in another town, she dreams of living in Arendelle and meets a few familiar faces along the way including Sven and Kristoff! I loved watching the story evolve. 

Will Elsa ever know what happened before? Will Anna ever live her dream in Arendelle? 
Let It Go - Twisted Tale by Jen Calonita
I wish I had read this a few years back, back when Youtube had its standout success stories and meet and greets were the highlights of everyone's year!

This book follows Melissa's journey as a subscriber and LilyLoves' amazing life on Youtube, and how Melissa aspires to be like her - as she has it so great! LilyLoves believes her Youtube channel is becoming stale and her relationships are no different as she continues to post videos with her boyfriend even though she isn't entirely happy. Melissa starts a blog and tries to post similar content to what LilyLoves posts, although what she is posting is fake (photos that aren't hers etc.) it seems to be doing the trick in getting her talked about. But will this end up going against her? How will LilyLoves turn it around when shes got the biggest meet and greet of the year coming up with her boyfriend, that sold out within minutes!? Will the truth eventually come out for both of them in the end?
My [Secret] Youtube Life by Charlotte Seager
It's funny reading that book now, I'd definitely recommend it to those who watch youtube as I'm sure you'll understand one thing or another that occurred in the book! In regards to both of the books, what did you think? Can you see yourself enjoying both of these like I did? Thanks for reading,

Charlotte x
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