A Soap and Glory Haul

During lockdown, I saw this amazing Soap and Glory bundle that I could not pass on, you will not believe how much I paid for it all! So here is a rather large Soap and Glory haul.
A Soap and Glory Haul
I've never tried any of their sheet masks before but I've heard great things about them. They claim the mask is a wake up for dry, tired and stressed-out skin which sounds like it would be ideal for a pamper!

It has been years since I owned one of their sprays; it's a handbag essential! It has the classic Soap&Glory righteous butter scent to it that smells incredible, it's definitely one of my favourite scents of theirs.

I'm sure this mascara used to come in black packaging, but I quite like the gold metallic look it has. It's in the shade film noir, which is black, and I am excited to try this one out.
This is one of my favourite scrubs, I already have one on the go at the moment. This will be the perfect backup for when I finish that one!

I'm sure I had a mini version of this once but I can't remember what I thought of the formula. It claims to be moisturizing as it has body lotion built-in which sounds pretty interesting! 

I never knew that Soap&Glory made bath bombs. This will be perfect to use on a pamper session, in the bath with the sheet mask on! I hope this has a nice scent to it!
Soap and Glory Fizz-A-Ball Bath Bomb Smoothie Star
This is a classic Soap&Glory product. This tub is huge and it'll last me a really long time as I find you need the littlest amount of product too as it is so nourishing.

I remember not being too keen on this back in the day due to it leaving my hands feeling a bit greasy. So, it'll be interesting to see what I think of it this time around. I quite like that this one has a pump too, it sits perfectly on my desk!

So, those are all of the products I picked up in a bundle. The cost of the products individually comes to £56.00 but I only paid £16.00 which I think is amazing! I am super happy with this purchase! Have you found any great deals like this one recently? Which is your favourite product out of all of the ones that I picked up here? Thanks for reading,
Charlotte x
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