Nail Envy MK Glitter Haul+Discount Code

I placed my first order at Nail Envy MK Supplies a couple of months ago and I absolutely love everything that I picked up!
Nail Envy MK Glitters in a Drawer
Limited Edition Glitter in Elf
I am already stocking up ready for Christmas as I saw this and another glitter which are both perfect for the occasion. Elf is a mixed chunky glitter that contains hexagon and small circle glitters which are gold and two different shades of green. It's gorgeous!

Silver Holographic Snowflakes £2.50
As the name suggests these are holographic snowflakes! They are all the same sized snowflakes and you get so many in this one little pot that they'll last you a very long time.

Limited Edition Glitter in Jolly
This is the last Christmas mix that I picked up. It's another hexagon mix with super small red circles in. Jolly contains red, gold, silver and green glitters which literally screams Christmas!

Autumn Copper Leaves £2.50
I've always wanted some leaf glitters and they have lots of different colour options, it took me forever to pick which one I wanted! They are all the same sized leaves again but they are this gorgeous burnt orange copper shade with a golden green shift to them.

Firefly £1.80
This came as an extra in my parcel which was super exciting as it's so pretty! Firefly is another mixed hexagon glitter with miniature circles in it. This glitter is so unique in colour as it has orange, brown and deep maroon purples in there which all pair so well together. Some of the orange glitters have a slight green reflex to them as well!

Aside from glitters, I also picked up nearly all of their chrome pigments as they are all so pretty! When using these chromes you literally need the tiniest amount of product to get a beautiful colour pay off. I found that curing your no wipe topcoat for 30 seconds, then applying the chrome gives you the best finish. 

I love all of these nail art bits that I picked up and I cannot wait to place my next order. All of their items are so affordable and their chameleon flakes are next on my list to pick up as they are so gorgeous! 

Since originally placing this order and drafting this post I have gone on to make multiple other orders so if you would like to see a glitter collection be sure to let me know! I also have a 10% Discount Code which you can use to save some money on your orders - CHARLOTTE10.

Which is your favourite item that I picked up? Will you be placing an order with them soon? Thanks for reading and watching,

Charlotte x
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Disclosure (Discount code (CHARLOTTE10) for Nail Envy MK will give you 10% off your order, it's not a commissioned code it's just for everyone to use and enjoy.)