Navy Pro Tools Haul

I placed my first order on Navy's website before lockdown happened in the UK and thought I'd share with you what I picked up.
Navy Pro Tools Haul
They had a limited edition deal on which included four of their famous hygiene products. For those of you who aren't aware of Navy Pro Tools, their aim is to establish new salon hygiene practices to replace the blue disinfectants which are mainly misused and confusing. They also have brow, lash and nail ranges which include all the high-quality tools you'll need for any beauty therapist job.
Navy Hygiene Wipes - Step One and Two

Navy Hygiene Wipes - Step One £7.95
Their hygiene line is always promoted in threes, to start off you clean with their detergent wipes. You wipe away all of the dirt, product and leftover residue that is at your station.

Navy Hygiene Wipes - Step Two £7.95
Step two is to disinfect, you can use this on your nail station as well as your tools. In each tube of wipes, you get 100 fragrance-free biodegradable and vegan-friendly wipes.
Navy Hygiene Wipes - Step One and Two
Navy Hygiene Wipes - Step One and Two
Navy Towel - Step Three £9.95
Step three is to dry the down the surfaces and tools to remove the moisture left from the wipes. The towel came in this set and its embroidered with the company's name and is white in colour. It's a nice sized hand towel which sits underneath my dust extractor.

Navy Hygiene Hand Sanitiser £8.95
Their sanitiser is alcohol-free and is able to kill 99.9% of E-Coli, MRSA, Salmonella and other bacteria. Again, like the other products in this range, it's vegan-friendly and fragrance-free. It's a huge 500ml which will last you a very long time!
Navy Hygiene Hand Sanitiser
This Limited Edition Bundle cost me £24.99 (at the time, now £28.99) which still saves you over £9 if you were to purchase them all separately, which I think is a great deal! The delivery took two or three days to arrive and it was packaged up really well; I am really impressed with the whole experience.

I am currently eyeing up some of their nail prep tools as I've heard so many amazing things about them! Have you heard of Navy Pro Tools before? What products have you got from them? Thanks for reading,

Charlotte x
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