Podcasts, Movies and Netflix Series I've Been Enjoying

These past few months have allowed me to take some more me time and relax by listening to podcasts, watching movies and becoming invested in different Netflix series!
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Love is Blind - Netflix Series
I flew through this series and became incredibly invested in these individuals' love lives. Some of the weddings shocked me and I felt sorry, love and happiness all in one show. Series two launches in 2021 and I am very excited! 

Love is Blind is a reality dating show where singles try to find a match and fall in love - without ever seeing each other face-to-face, as emotional connection attempts to conquer physical attraction. The first time they'll see their partner is after they have gotten engaged, then the next time after that is at their wedding where they'll make the biggest decision."

Money Heist - Netflix Series
I have watched all four seasons of this series twice over and I would watch it again and again and still be shocked by some of the outcomes! My favourite characters have to be Berlin, Nairobi and Helsinki; if you've watched this then we probably dislike the same people too! I'm extremely excited for the new season which they actually started filming during the pandemic. 

Money Heist is a Spanish heist crime drama television series. A criminal mastermind who goes by The Professor has a plan to pull off the biggest heists in recorded history, one on the Royal Mint of Spain, and one on the Bank of Spain. To help him carry out these long-prepared plans, he recruits eight people with certain abilities, and those who have nothing to lose. The group of thieves take hostages to aid in their negotiations with the authorities, and as more time elapses, the robbers prepare for a showdown with the police." 
Money Heist Netflix Show
Kissing Booth 1 and 2 - Movie
watched the first film around a week before the second one came out. They are both such fun and entertaining girly, feel-good films where the main character Elle is loveable and relatable. Can we take a minute to talk about the dance in the second film though? Now that was outstanding, I don't think I blinked during the whole scene! Kissing Booth 3 is going to hit Netflix in 2021.

Kissing Booth 1 shows Elle face-to-face with her long-term crush when she signs up to run a kissing booth at school with her best friend, at the spring carnival. Following on from the first film the second shows Elle spending a romantic summer with Noah, however, he is off to Harvard and Elle heads back to high school for her senior year. We see the difficulties of their relationship and distractions that they face along the way along with the big dance competition which Elle signs up for."

Too Hot To Handle - Netflix Series
This is another guilty pleasure of mine. It is only eight episodes long with the ninth being a reunion show and it's super easy to watch, and secretly enjoyable! They picked a great group of people all with different qualities and personalities and what makes this show different is that the individuals are from all over the world and not just the UK or USA. 

The show is hosted by a virtual assistant called Lana. Cameras are placed all over the villa and Lana constantly watches all of the contenstents and tracks their behaviours. The contenstants have a chance to win $100,000.00 as long as they have no sexual contact with each other, throughout the four weeks, with money being deducted if they did anything they shouldn't!" 
Too Hot To Handle Netflix Show
The Beauty Edit Podcast - Spotify 
I love this podcast, it's by a mum and a daughter duo who talk all things beauty therapy, but they mainly focus on nail-related topics. I always find myself chuckling away as they share their own personal stories, with years of experience under their belts. They also get the inside scoop from nail techs and business owners in the industry which is always an interesting insight! Each episode is normally around an hour long so it's nice to listen to whilst writing a blog post or doing something beauty related, etc. 

Award winning beauty salon owners Amanda and Shelby, sit down and chat with inspirational guests and industry leaders from the nail community and beauty industry. The mother and daughter duo have brought to life The Beauty Edit Podcast to discuss a range of hot topics and ask the questions that beauty therapists are eager to know, whilst reflecting on their own professional experiences." 

The Beauty Edit Podcast Episodes
Those are all of the podcasts, movies and Netflix series that I've been enjoying lately. Have you watched any of these before? What have you been enjoying of late? Do you have any recommendations for me, based on what I've mentioned above? Thanks for reading,

Charlotte x
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