Reviewing My Popular Posts From 2020

Every year I like to look back at my posts from the year before and see what you liked reading the most. Although in 2020 I took a little bit of a backseat when it came to blogging, I think I only posted once in November and December, there have still been plenty of positives to take away from the blogging year! So, let's see what you enjoyed reading from me in 2020!
Reviewing My Popular Posts From 2020
I don't have a H&M home near me which means browsing on their website is the next best thing! They have some beautiful pieces and I know when I buy a house there will be quite a few items that'll feature from this wishlist.

The I Heart series is one of my favourites and I know so many of you have told me you loved the series too! I'm up to Vegas and have just got the remaining books in the series; I cannot wait to read them all.  

We all knew the announcement of the final book in the Trail series was going to be a big hit and I'm so glad you all enjoyed reading my review just as much as I loved reading the book! AA Abbott never fails when it comes to books! 

This year I saw myself wearing hardly any makeup, but the makeup I did wear I was always opting for the glowy type. This post contains one of my favourite primers from this year and of course, my go-to summer highlight. If you know, you know!
Makeup products laid out on a marble table
We all love a good drugstore find and when I picked this up I was intrigued at what to expect from it. Although the ingredients aren't the best the concept is cool!

I think this was one of the first nail related hauls I have done on my site and I'm glad you enjoyed it as I would love to do more nail content in the new year going forward. 

There is always one empties post that hits the top ten of the year! The fact that they haven't gone 'out of fashion' makes me super happy and I've got episode 29 coming very soon for you.

Charlotte Chats was a new series I started on my site at the end of last year and my first guest was the lovely Bini. If you love supporting smaller business and you are on the hunt for some beautiful jewellery items, then look no further! 
Binichohan Earrings on a gold background
LQ launched a few new products in their collagen line and I was able to test them out and incorporate them into my everyday routine. There is also a lovely smoothie recipe in there for you to try!

I think this is the first time ever that my reviewing popular posts post has featured in my popular post series for that year! Fantastic!!

Those were my popular posts read by you in 2020! How did 2020 go blogging wise for you, are you ready for this year? If you don't blog, how was your 2020 despite everything that was going on?! I hope you all had a great start to your new year! Thanks for reading,

Charlotte x
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