Sparkles Supplies UK VIP Box March 2021

Back in February, I pre-ordered Sparkles Supplies UK's VIP Monthly Box (March 2021) edition. This is the first time that I have ordered from this company and I was incredibly excited to see what was going to be in this box. I may have also bought some other glitters and foils because they were beautiful!
SSUK VIP March Box 2021 Glitter Swatches
Each of SSUK's VIP boxes contains products that are not yet readily available to purchase from their website, meaning that you will get new products in every box and you'll never end up with a product that you've purchased from them previously. The products in this month's box won't be available for general release until 1st June 2021, later this year, so you are able to get these products before anyone else which is pretty awesome!

The box costs you £12.99 and each box is cheaper than buying the products individually. In the box you receive a list of the products, their names and how much they will cost to buy, once released in June, this is quite handy as you can see how much money you have also saved.

Products in SSUK VIP March 2021 Box:

  • Orla Foil - 95p
  • Sandstorm Glitter - £1.85
  • Summer Breeze Glitter - £1.85
  • Utopia Glitter - £1.85
  • Rosie Glitter - £1.85
  • Apple Crush Glitter - £1.85
  • Fantasmic Glitter - £1.85
  • Medusa Micro Mylar - £2.99 

The total cost of the box is £15.04, saving £2.05 if you were to buy them individually. 
SSUK Medusa Micro Mylar Swatched
SSUK Medusa Micro Mylar Swatched
I have done a couple of swatches on tips for you to see the Medusa Micro Mylar (the tip in the middle) above and the Summer Breeze Glitter (the tip in the middle) below, the rest of the glitters I have swatched and showed at the beginning of this post.
Easter Egg Themed Nails
I am very happy with the products that were in this VIP box, I didn't quite know what to expect but I'm really excited to use all of these products, they are unique and I'll definitely get some use out of them all at some point! I've been obsessed with foils lately so I cannot wait to use the Orla foil it's beautiful.
Nail Art Foils in a Binder
That was everything that was in the SSUK VIP Box for March 2021. What do you think of the glitters, mylar and foil that were in this month's box? Which item was your favourite?

I may do an Instagram clip of the items that were in this month's box for you to see the glitters in their pots at all the angles when they catch the light. If you'd like to see that then please let me know and I'll add it to my list of things to do! I'm hoping to purchase a few more of these boxes as they are super fun and exciting and who doesn't love nail mail?! Thanks for reading,

Charlotte x
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