Muru Jewellery - Their Story and Jewellery

I recently discovered Muru Jewellery, a small, independent jewellery label that is based in London, and I fell in love with their story and jewellery.
Muru Jewellery Bracelet and Earrings in their gift wrapping
Their Story
Founded in 2006, the team at Muru have been creating jewellery for over 14 years; inspired by their love for travel, exploring new cultures and learning about their beliefs, mythologies and superstitions Muru was born! The link between their travel and jewellery brings unique creations which can be traced back through history, bringing you jewellery with a meaning.

Muru Jewellery believes that jewellery should be an expression of your style as well as your hopes and aspirations which is why they design their jewellery with meaning to promote positivity and wellbeing. Their minimalist style allows you to mix and match their pieces to create a meaningful jewellery statement that is unique to you.

All of their jewellery is hand made with sterling silver, 18ct gold vermeil or 18ct rose gold vermeil and I have two of their beautiful 18ct gold-plated vermeil pieces.
Muru Jewellery Three Zodiac Bracelets Laid Out
Their Jewellery
One of their best selling pieces is their Life&Vitality Sun Stud Hoop Gold Earrings* (£52.00), and I can see why because I haven't stopped wearing them! I love a hoop earring and these ones are so unique as they have this beautiful bobble detailing to them. The talisman card for these earrings states the following:

The sun represents life and vitality due to its energising and healing properties. May it inspire you to shine bright every single day!
Muru Jewellery Life&Vitality Sun Stud Hoop Gold Earrings in their gift wrapped box
Mura Jewellery Life&Vitality Sun Stud Hoop Gold Earrings being worn by a lady
I also have their Zodiac Bead Gold Bracelet* (£45.00) which is part of their star sign collection. Zodiac pieces are timeless and not only that, but each pendant is hand-engraved in their Islington studio so no two are the same! Their zodiac bracelets come with a zodiac card that details the best traits of your star sign - these bracelets would make for a perfect sentimental gift. Here is what my Zodiac card said:

You are strong, loving and independent. For a Capricorn, there is nothing more important in life than family and friends.
Muru Jewellery Zodiac Bead Gold Bracelet in its gift wrapped box
I love the pieces that I picked up; Muru's jewellery is dainty, timeless and beautiful! What do you think of the story behind Muru Jewellery and its jewellery? Have you seen anything on their website that has caught your eye, or do you love the pieces that I picked out?
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Disclosure (Products marked with an asterisk have been gifted in exchange for a review, however, all opinions and views are my own. Some photos in this post have been provided for use by Muru Jewellery.)