Charlotte Chats with Sammi from Sammi's Scrunchies

Charlotte Chats was a series I started towards the end of last year where I talk with smaller business owners, allowing you to get to know more about their company, their products and themselves! For the second episode of Charlotte Chats I will be talking with Sammi from Sammi's Scrunchies.
Sammi's Scrunchies scrunchies on a wrist
Sammi, thanks so much for being the second guest in the series, it's a pleasure you have you here. I cannot wait to talk to you and find out a bit more about yourself, your passion for sewing and how Sammi's Scrunchies is evolving!

Q - Let's delve in! Sammi, tell us a little bit about yourself, the owner and creator behind Sammi's Scrunchies.

A - Hi, I am a 21-year-old student, who is currently in full-time education training to be a primary school teacher, as well as following my dreams of being a business owner. I enjoy doing exercise and exploring the outdoors!

Q - When did your passion for sewing start? I remember doing it at school and I loved it, did it stem from there?

A - I originally found I had a knack for sewing when I was in school too, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! However, I never really thought about it or pursued it until my nan taught me all of the tricks of the trade and started making bags and pillowcases. It became a time that I spent with my nan and since that day my passion has grown. I took the leap in August last year to finally purchase my own sewing machine to continue my passion.
Sammi's Scrunchies Velvet Scrunchies Lined Up
Q - That's such a lovely story! You mention you bought a sewing machine last August and towards the end of last year, you also launched your own website after being a seller on Etsy. Congratulations! How did you find that task and would you encourage others to do the same?

A - First of all, thank you I really appreciate it! To be honest, I found the task initially difficult with thinking about the layout! If I was to recreate my website I would definitely do a greater depth of research into the different designs of websites. As for making the website, it was relatively self-explanatory. I researched every single detail when it came to details and the aspects to include. Personally, I think that everyone has the capability to create their own website. It saved me a lot of money completing it. Google is your best friend. Anything I could not complete, I googled to help.

Q - It's really clever what you can accomplish, and your website looks great! Have you always sold your items online or have you had other opportunities come your way?

A - I have mainly sold items online and to friends. However, there has been an unforgettable opportunity that I had where I was selling my scrunchies in a local shop - but more on this later!
Sammi's Scrunchies patterned leopard stacked scrunchies
Q - Stay tuned to hear more about that exciting opportunity! Your scrunchie collection is wonderful, what's your favourite type that you make - velvet, cotton, satin etc.? Do you have a favourite design?

A - Thank you! My favourite is probably all of the patterned cottons as when I'm making them I see the transformation of the patterns being turned into a beautiful scrunchie which is an experience in itself. My favourite pattern will definitely be the double dots in all the colours! This is because it is not the usual spotted material, it is a twist on the original dots, the colours on the fabric are not colours I would usually put together and that is what makes them so special.

Q - I love the patterned cotton ones too! You launched your Maxi collection last year, what is the difference between those and the regular scrunchies?

A - The main difference is the size, the maxi scrunchies are around double the size of the regular scrunchies. Double the size equals double the scrunch! A lot of people with thicker hair (myself included) may find it better to use the maxi scrunchie over the regular ones, it also means you can see more of the pattern when the scrunchie is in your hair too.
Sammi's Scrunchies Maxi next to a normal sized scrunchie
Q - With every release you bring out, I always find myself in awe and love the designs. Do you pick the patterns and fabrics out yourself?

A - Most of the designs have been picked out by myself or my mum. Most of the time we will go fabric shopping and choose the ones which draw us to them. Some times I will place questions or polls on my social media (Sammis_Scrunchies on Instagram) for customers to send ideas about patterns and colours they would like to see and then use this to guide my choices.
Sammi's Scrunchies 3 cotton fabrics
Q - If you'd like your say on the next pattern head over to Sammi's Instagram for inside sneak peeks! I see that you are slowly introducing new items to your store including headbands and the latest release of personalised keyrings! Is there anything in the pipeline that you are thinking about producing, or would like to in the future?

A - At the moment I am not bringing anything new out, however, I am working and brainstorming some super exciting products especially as I am currently going through the curly hair girl journey.
Sammi's Scrunchies But First Coffee Keyring
Q - For anyone thinking about buying some of the scrunchies or headbands, how do they care for their items?

A - The scrunchies are hand sewn on the outside, therefore the best way to care for them is to place some boiling hot water and fabric softener in a bowl and soak them. Most of the time the water will start to go a brown colour as it will be removing all the oils and dirt from them! Sometimes I am lazy and I will just put them on a 30 degree delicates wash with a load of other clothes and they are fine. But I would not recommend this. Headbands are fine to be put in the washing machine on a 30 degree wash. It is safer however to wash on a delicates wash as it is more gentle and will prevent the risk of damaging the headband. 
Sammi's Scrunchies Patterned Hairbands on a Table
Sammi's Scrunchies Velvet Headband on a Table
Q - That sounds exciting! Going back to earlier when you mentioned how you sold your scrunchies in a local shop, is this something you'd be interested in doing again?

A - Yes! If I had the opportunity to sell more scrunchies in a local shop I would snap up the opportunity as quickly as I can. My main aim for Sammi's Scrunchies is to own my own shop and run the company full time. It is my dream and passion to continue to grow this business. Following and feeding my passion for sewing. 

For everything reading this, if you are considering following your dream of starting a business - do it! I am so glad I did, and I would never look back. It's definitely a life-changing moment!
Sammi's Scrunchies Satin Scrunchies on a table

I cannot wait to see where Sammi's Scrunchies goes in the future! Sammi it has been a pleasure talking with you and learning about yourself and your business Sammi's Scrunchies.

Did you enjoy reading the second in the series of Charlotte Chats? Did you get to learn a bit more about the sewer behind Sammi's Scrunchies as well as the company? Or, is this a completely new company that you have never heard of before but will be checking out now because of this post? Thanks for reading,

Charlotte x
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