Charity Shop Book Haul #3

It has been what feels like the longest time since I went out the charity shops, and on this occasion, I was able to find these two books!
Charity Shop Book Haul #3
The Hunting Party By Lucy Foley
When this book first came out I knew it was one that I wanted to get my hands on. I've been hoping to spot this yellow spine on the shelves in a charity shop for a while now, and I'm so glad I finally have it and for just £1.70!

During the languid days of the Christmas break, a group of thirtysomething friends from Oxford meet to welcome in the New Year together, a tradition they began as students ten years ago. For this vacation, they've chosen an idyllic and isolated estate in the Scottish Highlands - the perfect place to get away and unwind by themselves.

They arrive on December 30th, just before a historic blizzard seals the lodge off from the outside world.

Two days later, on New Year's Day, one of them is dead.

The trip began innocently enough: admiring the stunning in foreboding scenery, champagne in front of a crackling fire, and reminiscences about the past. But after a decade, the weight of secret resentments has grown too heavy for the group's tenuous nostalgia to bear. Amid the boisterous revelry of New Year's Eve the cord holding them together snaps.

Now one of them is dead...and another of them did it.

Keep your friends close, the old adage goes. But just how close is too close?
The Hunting Party By Lucy Foley
I must admit, the colours and cover of this book were what drew me to it originally. When I read the blub I knew this would be the book that would get me out of my huge reading slump! I'm about 60 pages in and I'm enjoying it so far.

No woman gets left behind.

Three best friends are going to solve their relationship woes once and for all.

Forty-something Jemima's life is on track - well, sort of. All she has to do is muster the courage to bat her niggle ex away for good.

Twenty-something Meagan is in the midst of her five-phase plan and is nearly ready for phase three - a relationship.

While thirty-something Simi has had more it's not yous than andy I dos.

Deciding it's time to play the dating game by their own rules, they're going to ditch the dating apps and ask people out in real life. The catch? They're playing matchmaker and can only ask out potential dates for each other because the most important rule is that no woman gets left behind.
Asking For a Friend by Andi Osho
Both of these books were just £1.70 each which is an absolute bargain, and I cannot wait to get back on the reading grind! Which books have you recently purchased, or have you read any of these? Thanks for reading,

Charlotte x
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